What Makes a Warehouse Food Grade?

The term “food grade” is used to describe materials, supplies and equipment that are safe to be used for food storage, production or preparation. Food warehousing, distribution and fulfillment centers specialize in maintaining certain warehousing standards that protect the inventory stored within. Warehouses that store food products must meet strict Food and Drug Administration standards …Read More

Food Storage Warehouses and Our Additional Scrutiny

Warehouses are hives of activity with cargo constantly arriving, departing, remaining and being handled, repacked or manufactured into new products.  Warehouses which handle general cargo certainly are focused on safety, speed, automation and offering competitive pricing to people who use their warehouse.
As a food storage and handling warehouse, Flex Logistics has to be all that and …Read More

What You Need To Know About Food Grade Warehousing

Ingredients and Supplement Products Must Be Stored in a Food Grade Facility
Companies that store and distribute food products must go through programs and implement procedures that most warehouses may overlook. Although the food business can be lucrative and rewarding, following all of the special requirements to ensure your food handling business is in compliance can …Read More

Food Grade Warehouse Facility For Your Convenience

Food grade warehouses are not just for companies that sell whole food. They may be required for companies that produce food ingredients, supplement ingredients, food packaging, additives and more. Whether your company is a start-up with limited resources or an expanding business looking to be closer to customers in other regions, turning to a third …Read More