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Overflow Warehouse

Too Much Inventory on Hand?  Can’t find room to off load important goods? Not enough people or equipment to keep up with the high demands? Flex Logistics is here to help you by offering Short Term Overflow Services.

Forecasting what is going to sell is tricky.  There is an art or science involved with purchasing and manufacturing products in the Pacific Rim and having the goods ready for sale when the customer requires it.  If you are  a company that has “peak seasons” you may feel the pain of having too much inventory in your warehouse.  “The warehouse is full”.  You may have aisles blocked with pallets of goods. You may have many containers in your yard costing you a lot of money in daily chassis fees, demurrage taking up valuable yard space because you don’t have any place to store the goods in your warehouse.  The productivity in your warehouse suffers due to working in a very crowded environment.  Morale is low. It is frustrating and it costs you a lot of Money ($$$).

FLEX LOGISTICS can help you by providing you with our Overflow Services. We have a long history of servicing regional companies that run out of room in their warehouse.  We develop a custom solution for your overflow inventory.  For example: Maybe you can etch out your slower moving products in order to free up space for the high priority goods that you need to receive.

Flex is prepared to offer simple pricing solutions for handling and storage when you are in need of extra space.  Our well trained employees are experts at handling and storing product. Our State of the Art systems track all activities in real time.

When selling to major retailers the most important criteria is to have your product available for sale.

If you are an importer selling to Walmart, Target, The Sports Authority, Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Ross Stores, Kroger or other major retailers the last thing you want to say is: “We don’t have that product in stock” and the result is the retailer (your customer) has empty shelf space in their stores OR worse – they purchase goods from your competitor.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy with Overflow Warehouse Services:

  • Improved services to your customers

  • Better control

  • Lower costs

  • Improved productivity


  • Fewer damages

  • Improved moral for your warehouse personnel

  • Safer work environment in your operation due to less congestion

Give us a call and let us help you with your Overflow Needs.

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