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Fulfillment Services For Your E-Commerce Needs.

Need to fulfill orders for your web storefront?  We’ve got a turnkey solution that lets you focus on marketing and sales, while we seamlessly handle all fulfillment services such as order processing, inventory management, small parcel shipping, and other distribution requirements.  Upon setting up your account, our internal systems staff will work with you to create the interface between your system and FLEX’s product and fulfillment system.  From that point, we become your virtual fulfillment partner – receiving feeds, creating the orders, then packing and shipping your product to your customers via parcel freight.  And with all of our other internal systems and processes, we can handle any other additional distribution services that you may need.  Our fulfillment services have been carefully designed while keeping in mind all of your requirements and expectations.


We have a long history of experience in fulfillment and distribution services, so when you decide to work with us you can be rest assured that you can proceed with peace of mind to focus on other areas in your business.   All the dynamics related to processing, inventory management, small parcel shipping, and other related processes will be completely and comprehensively taken care of by our built-in system and experienced personnel.  With our services, we will provide complete freedom for you to concentrate on core areas like sales and marketing.  On our part, we will be providing absolutely professional customer satisfaction to your customers by systematically working on receiving feeds, creating the orders, packing and shipping your product via parcel freight with our fulfillment and distribution services.


One of our most important fulfillment services is our integration capability.  Our on-site programmers will integrate with online .com stores and with your website  to receive orders as they are made.  From there, we ship direct to your customers or the .com distribution services center.


Integration through all processes makes it possible to ship a high volume of orders the same day that the orders are received.  Once orders are shipped, there is a rapid turnaround of information and tracking numbers will be uploaded to your website and available on our web portal.


Since internet fulfillment usually requires shipping one to a few items, we inventory by the piece.  We store inventory on shelf locations with assigned pick fronts which are optimized by referencing the velocity of different items.


Successful fulfillment and distribution services require a high level of accuracy.  99.9% inventory accuracy is accomplished through our real time WMS and by knowing exactly how many pieces per inner pack, inner packs per case, and cases per pallet.


We customize our charges to conform to the services being performed. Our charges and billing are transparent so you can see the true costs of moving your product through FLEX Logistics. We give you the right information so that you can make the right decision.

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