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Food-Grade Warehouse and Distribution.

Government regulations and strict storage requirements magnify the challenge of warehousing and distribution for food products, food packaging, and ingredients. Food makers and suppliers, from nutrition bars to olive oil, have trusted FLEX to handle their food logistics economically while adhering to all regulatory requirements. Our food-grade warehouse in the Los Angeles region is regularly audited and inspected by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), and our facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Whether your food logistics needs require lot controlled inventory management, special or routine product inspections, or production of special documentation for shipping, FLEX has the solution to keep your operations in compliance.


Our warehouse management system can track lot numbers from the time the product arrives at our docks, through the warehouse to the delivery destination. We easily isolate products for QC or recalls within minutes of notification.


Food packaging manufacturers use FLEX to store and distribute their food packaging for just in time delivery to the food processor. We understand when the processors are ready to run the next batch FLEX must be there on time with the packaging.


Whether in totes, bags, barrels or cartons, FLEX stores and ships ingredients in bulk and individual units.  Common ingredients in our warehouse are used to produce vitamins, foods, supplements, and pharmaceuticals.


Need a place to store drinks?  No problem.  Our facility keeps a controlled temperature to allow for safe storage, and we have a license to store alcohol.  We have helped companies that sell vitamin water, tequila, wine, and many other types of beverages.


Annual audits and inspections by the American Baking Institute insure our customers that FLEX is 100% compliant with our facility and food facility documentation. Furthermore, our food-grade warehouse is always registered with the FDA.

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