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Vegetable oils and supplement ingredients in racking.

At FLEX Logistics, we work hard on behalf of a diverse client roster that includes more than sixty clients utilizing our more than two hundred thousand square feet of warehouse.
In order to protect their interest and business, we want to make sure that we are taking all the necessary steps to give them assurances they are with the right 3PL.
Food grade warehousing requires much greater attention to detail because of the many programs that we must adhere to both at a state and federal level for food safety, security and efficacy of storage.
Earlier this year, Flex Logistics was audited by AIB International.  The 2014 AIB Audit Report demonstrated that we take the necessary steps to protect the cargo we are entrusted with as a food grade storage warehouse.  We were especially happy to learn that the places where we have the opportunity for improvement are in deeper documentation and record keeping, things that are important to us as well as our customers.
The audit company, who have been in business since 1919, review everything including facilities, operation, documentation, processes and staff.
Just a handful of the things they reviewed during their visit were:
Operational Methods and Personnel Practices

  • SOPs, Written Procedures, Training Programs
  • Safety Committee
  • Personal Hygiene of Staff

Maintenance for Food Safety

  • Storage Practices/Conditions
  • Pallet Conditions

Cleaning Practices

  • Cleaning schedules/locations
  • Hand Washing Facilities

Integrated Pest Management

  • Pest Management Provider
  • Traps, pesticides

Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs

  • Pest Control
  • Temperature control
  • Chemical safety documentation
  • Licensing to store food
  • Water supply
  • Registration with FDA Bioterrosism Act
  • Outside Grounds and Roof
  • Equipment and Tools

At the end of the day, passing is 700 and we scored 865.
Food grade warehousing and food grade storage are what we do best here at FLEX Logistics for local packers as well as producers of  packaged goods such as beverages, liquor and other commodities.  These results can’t be achieved without our entire team working together including ownership, management, supervisors and employees who work in our facility every day.
Says our Operation Manager, David Scharmack, “To quote Booker T. Washington: ‘Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.’ We at Flex understand this and approach every day with this in mind.”
If you are a packer or company needing food grade warehousing or food grade storage or handling for your food or beverage products, challenge your current warehouse.  Ask them if they have been independently audited and what the findings were.  We’ll stack our people, processes and results up against anyone in Southern California.

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