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In October, Flex was subjected to an AIB Audit, which resulted in the company earning its highest score ever, with a score AIB Certificateof 940 out of a possible 1000.
The AIB audit is a process in which companies are tested for their ability to handle food-grade products and certified as a food grade warehouse. Facilities are put through a rigorous inspection, testing all aspects of cleanliness, while checking for the tiniest gatherings of dust and dirt in the most remote of places.
After several hours of checking every corner of the warehouse, the AIB inspector determined that Flex deserved a score of 940. This score earns a ranking of “Superior”.
Said Flex Operations Manager Richard Melanson:
“We were striving for a key result of 935, and we scored 940. This was a great victory for the team who all worked hard for this achievement. The team owned the key result and achieved the goal..”
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