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On November 5, Flex Logistics will go live with a new Warehouse Management System (WMS). This milestone will be the first in a long line of upgrades and improvements for the company.
“We are very excited about what the new system can do,” said Systems Administrator Albert Portillo. “We will be able to permanently resolve a lot of issues we’ve had in the past with the entire order process, and it presents an entirely new level of accountability.”
Flex IT and Management have spent much of the last two months mastering the new system and training other departments. Countless hours have been invested in programming the WMS to handle the wide variety of challenges Flex handles on a daily basis.
“This is an exciting time for Flex to utilize today’s technologies and truly automate our system,” said Operations Manager Richard Melanson. “It will present some new challenges. But while change can be difficult at times, I know the team we have in place today is prepared for those challenges.”
Flex will be bringing in one customer at a time to the system until management feels confident the WMS is performing at the high level Flex requires. During this time, every employee in the company will learn how to operate within the new WMS. Management is hopeful that the entire transition for all Flex customers will be completed by April 2013.
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