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When you were a kid, going on a scavenger hunt to find things was lots of fun. As an adult, especially when you’re trying to do your job, hunting for things takes time. Similarly, navigating a maze, along with your other responsibilities, is not something your schedule allows.
This becomes especially acute when it comes to working with your third party logistics provider.


Inventory costs money. It affects the bottom line. Companies actively work to maintain a level of inventory to meet customer demands and fulfill orders. An inventory that languishes, or inventory that takes too many turns, is a drag on a company’s working capital.
Here at Flex, our 203,000 square feet of warehouse holds a mix of inventory that ranges in value and turns for our customers.  But each bit of it is important to us, as is the fact that our customers can get up-to-the-minute information about it any time through our Flex web portal.

Powered by Synapse, our clients can at any time see what is on hand, what is scheduled to ship, tracking details and whether or not things were delivered.  The system operates as a stand-alone product, or it will interface with our clients’ own inventory and order management systems.
Shipping expectations are increasing from both retailers and individual consumers.  Amazon has raised the shipping expectations for consumers that it will go out the same day and with full visibility from end to end at a competitive costs.  3PL visibility for our customers is huge, but so is the visibility for the shipping details for their customers, the ones who pay the bills.

If your 3PL isn’t providing you the kind of visibility that we offer with our Flex web portal, perhaps it’s time to contact us and let us show you how our solutions can meet the needs of your business.

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