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I am pleased to announce that we have hired Tom Lentz as President of Flex Logistics. Tom will be the first president (outside ownership) in 36 years to lead Flex Logistics.

Tom has over 20 years of logistics experience in the retail, food,and beverage industry. For the past 20 years he has only worked for three companies and for 12 of those years he has held a director position and a vice president positions at two prominent 3PL’s. He has a track record of successful logistics management and project execution within the 3PL and dedicated distribution models. He is a strategic implementor, setting up facilities and startups country wide and a proven leader, managing over 400 associates in 2.5 million square feet. He has re-engineered facility layouts, increase throughput and efficiencies, implemented key performance indicators, and reduce cost. He has been responsible for Sales Team, Customer Service, IT, Operations and Procurement making him the perfect candidate to lead Flex Logistics. He has a vast network of people in the logistics industry to call on and is well respected by previous employees, peers, and his competitors. When I ask people,who know Tom or have worked for him, “What do you think about Tom Lentz?” they just did not only say great things about him, their eyes lit up as well. Better than any background check that I can think of.

After many talks with Tom we realize we share many of the same ideas regarding our careers and more importantly our home life. Toms hands on approach, hard work and customer focus is very much in line with how Flex became what it is today.

Tom has a BS in Business Management and received an MBA from Pepperdine University. With his education along with his experience and leadership Tom is a great addition for all our customers and the continuous improvement of our team. For me, I remain passionate about the contribution Flex makes to our customers and the economy and will continue full time as the Chief Executive Officer and Account Executive.

Tom’s first day will be September 8th.

Thank you for believing in me and Flex to play an important role in your company.


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Carl J DeTorres
Chief Executive Officer / Account Executive

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