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UVeritech is the leading supplier of high-quality counterfeit detection and ID verification equipment to the loss prevention industry. UVeritech’s fraud verification system is fast, efficient and cost effective as evidenced by the fact that over recent years they have shipped over 400,000 units of the UV-16 to companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Costco, Kenneth Cole, Macy’s, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Nine West, Sears, Smart & Final, and a host of other banking, retail, grocery, drug stores, government agencies and credit unions. Home Page: www.fraudfighter.com
UVeritech has a broad range of additional products from the portable UV Professional Penlight, UV-16, POS-15, CT-550, FF-1000, ID Verification and OCR Authentication solutions. UVeritech has over ten uv-16-front-slant-sm-xyears of experience helping customers of all types structure intelligently-layered solutions designed to help prevent transaction-level fraud.
UVeritech required a company to provide services for a high volume surge of inbound counterfeit detectors equipment with a capability to accurately receive and ship over 27,000 units to one large customer with hundreds of locations throughout the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico over a three week period of time. Every unit was received by imported containers and shipped via parcel requiring serial number controls, custom labels and bills of ladings.


UVeritech chose Flex Logistics to manage this integrated logistics solution for the release of the “Currency Detector CT-550” to one of the largest national department store chain.
Services included:

  • Hand stack unloading of 27,000 units
  • Controlling serial numbers of each “Currency Detector CT-550” upon receipt
  • 5,000 Square Feet staging area available in the warehouse.
  • Immediately being prepared to ship orders as soon as received. 48 hour turnaround from delivery to shipping.
  • Excel spreadsheet from UVeritech to Flex Logistics which was uploaded into our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and integrate with parcel processing system.
  • Order processing of 2500 parcel shipments
  • Affixing packing slips to the appropriate corresponding cases shipped
  • Coordination with the parcel carrier to have the equipment available to handle this volume
  • Real time access for UVeritech to view all activities at Flex logistics though the web portal.
  • Auto email parcel tracking numbers to UVeritech daily



Over a period of less than three weeks Flex Logistics received the goods and shipped out over 2500 small parcel domestic and international orders.
Although it was a single item being rolled out, 90% of these orders required pick and pack services; there was complexity to the orders due to various each pick quantities per order.
Flex created a custom program which integrated the Warehouse Management System with the Parcel Processing system. We were able to pre-print the parcel labels with various quantities before the picking process began. This allowed us to increase our productivity through batch picking and labeling simultaneously.
Flex compiled a specialized Flex Logistics Team to work interdependently within the critical three week time frame to properly receive pick, label and ship these vitally important products. The containers arrived on various vessels and were received over a three week period of time. As soon as the containers touched the dock, Flex sprang into action in order to have the parcel shipments out and successfully on their way within a 48 hours timeframe.
UVeritech was able to service its customers by utilizing our “Flexibility” and creativity shipping successfully their roll out program for the “Currency Detector CT-550” to its large national retail department store customer.
Flex Logistics met its goal of “Shipping on Time All the Time” and became an integral part of the UVeritech team. As a fully integrated logistics supply chain provider, Flex Logistics was able to communicate the timeframes and requirements to all other logistics providers from the Ports through the final mile delivery.
This project for UVeritech took focused coordination. A 48 hour turnaround for 2500 parcel orders can be a daunting task if not planned and executed properly. Flex Logistics demonstrated its keen ability to maintain its focus to accomplish this task for UVeritech without interruption of its other many valued customers.
“Flex Logistics really exceeded our expectations.  Not only did they go above and beyond the details of our contract but they also met each deadline ahead of schedule.  We will definitely continue to use Flex Logistics for our larger shipping needs.” Shannan Padberg, UVeritech (Fraud Fighters!!)

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