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Value Added Service To Meet Your Need When You Need It Most.

Our flexibility removes your limits to growth and your worries about space and labor.  Beyond that, Flex Logistics manages and performs multiple operations to achieve one goal: to efficiently move your product from the time of arrival to its final destination—on time every time.  We have worked with a wide variety of customers, handling products and providing warehouse and logistics services for industries such as food grade, manufacturing, retail, and medical ingredients, among others.  Whether you need repacking, labeling, kitting, or any other special project taken on, we have the experience and expertise to manage any supply chain challenge.


Let’s face it; products from overseas don’t always come over perfect. Whether inspecting products from the inbound or determining if returns are good to go back into inventory, FLEX will let you know if the product is as it should be.


Do customers or retail stores ever send back product? Let FLEX handle the returns and give you the important information you need. Whether product is put back into inventory or disposed, FLEX will save you the time and hassle of going through it all.


FLEX Logistics will get your project up, running, and completed in as little time as possible by providing additional labor and working overtime so you can meet deadlines.


FLEX Logistics has quick access to reliable labor for large, expedited jobs, or unique jobs.


FLEX Logistics is not limited to certain projects. We will review any request large or small or any request that needs special equipment, or tools to perform the service.

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