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Customer Compliance Got You Thinking The Wrong Way?

Flex Logistics will change the way you think about Customer Compliance. We see it as an enormous opportunity to be more cohesive with our customers, create the best possible business tactics, and help our customers strengthen their own businesses. We focus on the retailers’ shipping guidelines and we understand why compliance is a must today and why we need to ever evolve for a changing tomorrow. Our WMS and on-site IT team provide the ability to seamlessly integrate with your systems and trading partner, making challenges such as Electronic Data Interchange  (EDI) compliance and custom labeling routine tasks.



FLEX Logistics’ IT staff understands EDI, be it the relatively easy task of receiving 850 (purchase orders) to the complex sending of 856 (advance shipping notifications). EDI is all about the details and making sure that nothing is missed.


FLEX can produce and affix virtually any type of label required by the customer compliance guidelines, including UCC 128’s and SCC shipment labels, UPC labels, and generic products and private brands labels.


FLEX understands and follows the strict shipping guidelines of retail compliance.  To avoid chargebacks we have worked in conjunction with retailers and companies using routing systems to developed our own internal systems and processes for shipping your product correctly.


Retailers need your products to be shipped according to their compliance guidelines. Deviations from this are costly and by the time one realizes what happened, the chargeback can be monumental. FLEX works with your company to ensure the orders are fulfilled  and routed as expected.


Compliance guidelines are complex and full of information that commonly does not pertain to your specific shipments. FLEX dissects these guidelines and pulls out only what is needed to be in compliance for your specific shipment, which allows you to focus on the core of your business.

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