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Customer Care Beyond Borders.

FLEX is an extension of your company, expanding beyond our four walls through your supply chain. With the speed of business moving as rapidly as ever, you need a third party provider who can respond with urgency, integrity, and accountability that will keep you ahead of your competitors. We take pride in providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, so it’s no surprise that customer tenure with FLEX is longer than industry standards. Our customer service doesn’t end with our customer service representatives; it transcends throughout our company and is evident with our commitment to do whatever is takes to get the job done. By going beyond borders we are able to strengthen your supply chain and give you and your customers the results you desire.

Customer Care


Today’s business world has evolved into a complex and diverse commerce system.  Our process designs adapt to your business’ s specific needs, making FLEX a valuable link in your supply chain. By utilizing a multitude of industry circuits, FLEX gives you, the customer, the flexibility to conduct business your way.


Transparency of information means no more guessing.  By understanding your business we are able to supply you with the exact information your business requires.  And with real-time inventory and order reporting, our customers have the flexibility to move fast to adapt to consumer demands.


Experience combined with multidisciplinary resources give FLEX the ability to turn tough challenges into assets.  Our value-added readiness is another reason why customers choose FLEX as their third party logistics provider.

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