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Today’s business world has evolved into a complex and diverse commerce system. The scope of options available for conducting business is vast and you need a company that can conform with your unique business strategy. FLEX has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to adapt with the ever-changing business environment by keeping up with the latest technology and industry trends in order to open up new channels for you to conduct more business. The corner stone of our success stems from our ability to effectively integrate with a diverse customer and vendor base. No matter how your business is modeled, we will evaluate your needs and implement the most efficient and cost effective processes to achieve optimal results.


If you have a process out of the ordinary, show us and we’ll work it. FLEX Logistics has the ability to bring in outside specialists, work with members of your team, or we will learn the process ourselves.


FLEX Logistics can make it look like the product is coming right from your factory. Let us know if you would like us to put your company name and logo on packing slips and bill of ladings.


FLEX Logistics will establish a price per unit for whenever you need the same thing done over and over, so your sales people know what it costs to fulfill your customer request. A great tool to charge your customer for their request.


When you ship to various retailers, special steps must be adhered to, and labeling is at the top of the list. Let FLEX work with your trading partners to develop a system in developing custom labels.


No challenge is too big to consider. If it’s feasible, FLEX will look into the requirements and devise a process and cost structure so everyone wins.

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