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3rd Party Logistics As It Should Be.

Businesses often have to endure high costs and inordinate delays because of the inherent confusion and lack of coordination brought about by most third-party logistics providers who carry out functions in a segmented manner.  This is one of the reasons why businesses choose FLEX over other third party logistics companies.  We provide them the complete solution from start to finish.   This allows our customers to let us handle the logistics, while they focus on what is important in their specific functions.  What else is important when working with a third party logistics provider?  Visibility.  To ensure that visibility remains an unwavering factor, our warehouse management system offers web access to our customers so they can see their inventory and order statuses.   On top of that, our system provides details that let them know where their orders are in the process and what status an inventory item might have.

With these carefully designed features and systems, we have taken our services to a completely different level and have made it fully geared towards the particular needs of every kind of customer.  We make it so easy that other 3PL companies cannot compare with us.  Need more convincing?

Our name reflects our commitment to providing flexible solutions that most 3PL companies cannot provide as cost effectively or efficiently as we do.  When you need a third party logistics company that brings value-added readiness, adheres to your customer compliance standards, or fulfills your e-commerce needs, we are the ones who can do it all in the best manner possible.  We have the experience and expertise to take on any challenge your supply chain may bring.  That’s 3rd party logistics as it should be.


To be one of the best third party logistics companies these days, you need to have great technology.  FLEX Logistics’ state-of-the-art warehouse management software allows FLEX’s IT people to quickly integrate with the customer’s system, set up EDI, adhere to compliance guidelines, and program specific customer requests.


Inventory is tracked with our proprietary locator system using scanning equipment. All products are bar-coded when received and scanned upon every move in the warehouse. Our inventory control staff is always doing internal cycle counts to enforce systems and policies and verify quantities.


FLEX’s culture is based upon beliefs that produce excellent results for customers. We strive to cultivate a harmonious and positive working environment for our team. FLEX’s team members have a highly developed sense of urgency, accountability and confidence to handle any customer’s needs.


Our expertise as a third party logistics provider and our technology advantages allow our Customer Service Reps to focus on the critical aspects of service.  And each of our reps is trained the specific process and aspects that are most important to your business processes.


FLEX Logistics’ own local fleet gives customers an advantage over other third party logistics companies without an in house fleet. We also arrange transportation throughout the United States and Canada for customers who want to take advantage of our contract pricing.

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